Leadership Team

Robert L. Wallace is an accomplished engineer, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and internationally known business consultant.  Robert is routinely sought after by the world business community and through this activity has gone on to create three successful companies – BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc., BITHENERGY, Inc., and EntreTeach Learning Systems, LLC.

Mr. Robert Wallace founded his first company, BITHGROUP Technologies, in 1992, with the support of his loving wife and five children. Initially providing technical sevices in management consulting and wireless engineering, with less than ten people and under $25,000 in revenue, the company has now grown into a successful information technology services company that specializes in energy management, application development, management consulting, wireless engineering, biometrics, and SMS engineering. In a technology-driven economy that is increasingly dependent on knowledge workers, clients are in need of a fast-moving technology company that could seamlessly integrate the inevitable convergence of technology and people.  Thus BITHGROUP’s mantra has become “We help our clients leverage their two most important assets – people and technology” so that competitive advantage can be attained, sustained, and maintained. This viewpoint has created the opportunity to grow the company, hire and leverage excellent employees, expand the company’s offerings and contribute to the local community-at-large. BITHGROUP Technologies’ projects have ranged from supporting state local and federal government clients in using information technology as a tool to transform their organizations.

BITHGROUP Technologies remains committed to its fundamental conviction that humanity can be improved through technology This commitment has resulted in a portion of the company’s profit being redirected to finance humanitarian projects throughout the world. This humanitarian investment has touched people in developing countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, and Liberia. These projects include the construction of schools, libraries, churches, orphanages and housing for the displaced and destitute, and provide valuable, much-needed infrastructure solutions like water purification to the modernization problems plaguing third-world countries.

Robert earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he began his foundational research on solar energy solutions.  Later he earned his Masters of Business Administration from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and was awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Sojourner Douglas College. Prior to starting his own companies, Wallace worked for such corporations as IBM, DuPont, Procter & Gamble, and Westinghouse. Robert has been a highly sought after advisor for numerous political leaders.  Consequently he has served as Chairperson for the State of Maryland Information Technology Board (ITB), the Governor’s Advanced Technology Commission, Small Business Task Force, Minority Business Task Force, and the BRAC Commission. Robert currently Co-Chairs the Commerce and Infrastructure Committee for the Maryland/Liberia Sister City and serves on the board of various organizations such as Kennedy Krieger Institute, National Minority Supplier Development Council, Howard County MD’s Equal Business Opportunity Commission, and Center Stage Playhouse.

He has authored numerous articles and books on entrepreneurship, wealth creation strategies, intrapreneurship, and urban economic development. His books include Black Wealth through Black Entrepreneurship (Duncan & Duncan, 1993), Black Wealth: Your Road to Small Business Success (John Wiley & Sons, 2000), Soul Food: 52 Principles of Entrepreneurial Success (Perseus Books, 2000), Strategic Alliances: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances (Dearborn Publishers, fall 2004), and The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth through Faith (AuthorHouse, spring 2007). Robert’s upcoming book projects include, “Green Gold: Leveraging Alliances and Partnerships in the Green Economy, The Color of a Billion, and CRASH: Business Lessons from the Emerging World.

Chris Hawkins is a project manager and biometrics professional with over 3 years experience in program management, expertise in biometrics equipment and training, and more than 6 years experience in client service satisfaction and retention. Chris has been BITHGROUP’s project manager on biometrics service contracts with Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore County General Government and most recently with Civic Works.